Thursday, October 28, 2010

{Tom + Amanda} Olathe Family Photographer

I had borrowed a lens to try out and found this neat little spot.  All I needed was a model (or two)!  I snagged Amanda after church, asked if they were available for an evening, and this is what we ended up with.  It really was so much fun.  Thanks for the great conversation and fun times Tom and Amanda!  I hope you love your images!!

She loves him...

And my favorite.  She is gorgeous and he loves her...

P.S.  For those that know things about lenses, my lens didn't arrive in time for this session.  I used my trusty prime and it was perfect.

Monday, October 25, 2010

{Jessica} Olathe Senior Photographer

Love this sweet girl!  She has so much going for her.  She had just got back from a trip to Australia when we squeezed in this quick session.  From small town girl to world traveler all in one summer.

Have a fabulous year Jess!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

{Love} Olathe Family Photographer

The day did not start out so pretty.  We chatted, considered canceling, and then the sun would peak out.  So we were on, and then the rain drops fell.  That's midwest weather for you!  We persevered, though and I'm so glad we did!

Let me tell you about this family.  They can seem a little quiet, but each one of them has a light-up-the-room kind of smile.   It was a pleasure to spend some time with you "P" Family!

Gorgeous mom and dad and 2 big brothers.  Any little prince would wish to be so blessed.  She was so sweet and had all kinds of expressions for me.

Isn't she so cute?  Can you stand to see even more?   Ummmmmm....  Of course you can!

She did such a great job that day.  Now this is probably my favorite image of the day, although it is hard to choose.  Is there anything sweeter?  I have 4 little ones and hugs like this don't last forever.  I mean I still get hugs from my older kids, but I treasure those all consuming hugs when they are little and you can hold their entire little bodies and just squeeze and snuggle and smell their hair.  le sigh.  Hold on tight moms because they grow so fast.

Now those handsome boys!  

Mischievous much?  Love this grin!  Actually, he was so very polite and easy to work with.  I think he's going to be a sweet heart and a heart breaker at the same time.

Now this little guy is such a sweetie.  I could have sat and snuggled him myself.  He reminds me of my little guy... just too busy to sit still for formal pictures.
Catching children on the go can be a challenge.  But it's also when you get the best pictures.  I love this one of him walking through the tall grass with the walking stick he found on the trail.
And mom and dad.  I love these.  They make me happy.  What a blessed family.  Thank you "P" family for sharing your evening with me.  I hope you love your images.  

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sneak Peaks!

I'm not usually fond of sneak peaks.  It's kind of like knowing what you are getting for Christmas before Christmas morning.  Or like when everyone tells you what they bought for your daughter's first birthday 2 weeks before the party.  I guess I kind of like surprises!
So why am I posting a sneak peak?  Because I can't keep these gorgeous children to myself any longer!!!  I'm and editing as fast as I can (whilst mothering 4 children - know how that goes?), but am not yet done.  So some sneak peaks must be shared.   I hope you enjoy.

Baby M.  Sweet little miracle baby.  She is gorgeous and loves some snuggling.

Baby F.  What a stoic little guy.  He slept solid and was not bothered by much of anything.  Handsome isn't he?

Baby N.  So sweet.  She has the most gorgeous baby skin and red hair and perfectly pouty lips.  le sigh.  This little one is the new little girl of one of my best friends - a true Sweetie.  Holding her was like holding a new niece.

And then just one from a recent family session.  Gorgeous little girl.  Her brothers were the epitome of politeness.  You will have to wait to see those handsome pics, though.  This is only a sneak peak.  ;-)

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